Underground Sensation

For WiFi Rail, another California business, quality communications showcases the very essence of the company’s capabilities.

WiFi Rail brings real-time, high-speed wireless service to train commuters using patented networking technology. The company’s flagship project is a 20-year contract to blanket the 104 miles of track and 43 stations in San Francisco’s Bay Area Rapid Transit (BART) system with public wireless communications.

For their backbone technology, WiFi Rail depends on various Cisco products to power applications for BART commuters and WiFi Rail’s operations, including Cisco Unified Communications and VoWLAN phones. Over time, WiFi Rail has invested in several Cisco handset models, most recently upgrading to the 7925G for its Bluetooth connectivity.

According to WiFi Rail President and CEO Cooper G. Lee, the enterprise handsets are critical to company operations. “With all the ambient noise in our environment, like trains flying by, audio quality is key,” he says. “The audio quality on Cisco VoWLAN phones is higher than traditional desk phones.”


Other benefits include the ability to withstand harsh environments, radio interoperability with the BART radio system, cost containment compared with cellular plans, and control over quality of service.


“With everyone on our internal network, we don’t have monthly recurring telecommunications costs,” Lee says. “And, we manage the QoS, so we don’t have dropped calls, black holes or service outages. We get true and full audio quality everywhere our network is.”

In short, Cooper says the VoWLAN phones help make the company successful.


“Plus,” adds Cooper, “we’ve improved productivity by tens of man hours every pay period because people no longer need to leave their worksites to get a signal just to order a part.”


BizTechMaginae.com • December 2011