The WiFi Rail Network / BART Services Current Coverage Area:

WiFi Enabled Cars (have grey shark fin antenna on the roof) will always give best results.

Union City To S. Hayward:
WiFi Enabled Cars Only (No Station Coverage)

Lake Merritt, 12th Street, 19th Street: Station Coverage, Tube Coverage

Above Ground 12th Street to TransBay Tube:
WiFi Enabled Cars only

West Oakland Station:

Platform/Parking Lot Coverage

TransBay Tube:
Enabled Cars and Devices

Embarcadero To Balboa Park:
Enabled Cars and Devices, All Stations and Tubes covered.

Expanded service on BART began on selected segments during 2009.The WiFi Rail deployment in the BART system will become the largest high bandwidth mobile Internet LAN in the United States. Completion of Phase II network construction has been reset to coincide with BART's proprietary 4.9 WiFi implementation.