servicesStay Connected While You Travel on Commuter Rails

WiFi Rail makes it simple to stay connected while you travel on commuter rails. Easy to log on, easy to work, surf or play as you take advantage of commuter transporation.

Our unique high-speed broadband wireless access system provides continuous connection to the internet - even through tunnels.

No dropped links. No mis-sent files. Everything from simply checking your email to logging on to your corporate VPN. Streaming video? No problem. Digital radio? Enjoy the latest downstream tunes. All at blazing speeds. Your laptop, your handheld PDA, even your iPhone or other IP phone will keep you connected to your important network with WiFi Rail.

WiFi Rail offers three distinct plans to match your travel needs:

Day Passes - $10 : Monthly Passes - $30 : Annual Passes - $300
Corporate Accounts are also available.

(During the demo/test phase there is no charge for internet access at selections. Service plans will be available upon completion of the build-out of BART system wide WiFi Rail deployment.)

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